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Eddie Wiradjuri Birrang AKA - Edward Feuerstein

Secretary - Artist

Eddie Wiradjuri Birrang AKA - Edward Feuerstein JP identifies as being an Aboriginal man and a Descendant of the Wiradjuri Tribe/ Mob from regional NSW.

Edward's Skin name given to him by Elders is Eddie Wiradjuri Birrang (Meaning Edward's Journey). Edward’s Great grandmother was of Aboriginal parents, which leads the Bloodline to Read- Standley- Taylor – from Williams & Campbell and the songline connects to Traditional Owner -Aunty Rhonda Jean Towney/ Read from Bogan River ( Parkes/ Forbes NSW).

Eddie has experienced a journey for many years working with elders and a broader range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities.

Eddie’s mob's totem is the goanna and his families’ totem is the Kangaroo. Eddie’s experience and his journey have allowed him to teach and enrich others in a training environment with TAFE NSW, teaching Aboriginal and non-Indigenous students from around Australia in Southwest Sydney.

Eddie’s taught at the SWSI TAFE Aboriginal unit in Macarthur and Macquarie Fields TAFE, allowing him to teach students in Cultural Awareness, Art, Community Services, Counselling, and Mental health.

Eddie’s style of Indigenous art is based more on Traditional Art and some methods of merging contemporary art styles together. Eddie has been taught by his Aunty and Elders that Aboriginal Art comes in many forms by sharing “our way of telling a story or our Journey”.

Eddie’s unique style of art uses Natural Ochre paint, natural wood Carving, Burning, painting with mixed paints, Vinyl art and even graphic design.

Eddie is the founder of Dreamtime Explorers Australia Pty Ltd which has a board of Elders who continue to advise and shape the journey of its making and teaching future generations. Dreamtime Explorers is a business that works with a range of People of all ages, Corporations, Education, Government and the Early years Aboriginal framework for children.

Eddie is also registered as an Artist with IAC( Indigenous Art Code), sits on 3 Charity Organisations and is a firm believer of putting back to the rural Aboriginal communities.

Eddie also spent many years as a Firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW and holds further awards from a Commendation of Bravery to Good conduct.

Eddie’s goal is to help Indigenous Art grow, overcome barriers and create a Journey for our communities to walk together acknowledging the land we stand upon.

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