Geoff Henderson


Geoff Henderson grew up in country Queensland and is no stranger to interacting with Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Following a career as the Chief Financial Officer for a global fast-moving consumer goods company, Geoff fell out of love with the corporate world and developed a deep love of Aboriginal art which soon became an all-consuming passion.

In 2008, Geoff established a dedicated art space in Alice Springs for artists to have a creative and safe space to work from. After starting a small gallery in Alice Springs on 2010, he acquired Kate Owen Gallery in 2013. Working directly with many independent and successful artists in his studio has afforded Geoff clear insights into what is truly important to artists including their hopes, dreams, struggles and challenges. Geoff’s vertically integrated business provides the perfect foundation for appreciating the artist, dealer, art centre and gallerist perspectives on many issues.

Geoff joined the Aboriginal Art Association and Board in 2009. Following a one-year sabbatical in 2017/18 to concentrate on his gallery and art studio, Geoff returns with a renewed drive for his role as President and is committed to the goals of the Association.

He says: “We respect the different models for bringing art to the market and our diverse membership base demonstrates the possibility for all sectors to work together for the greater good of the industry. The Association’s focus continues to be the right of choice for artists, understanding the needs of the consumer and the building of a vibrant, fair, sustainable and equitable environment in which artists and the industry as a whole can thrive”.