Jeremy Yongurra Donovan

Non-Executive Director - Artist

Jeremy is a talented artist and musician, whose greatest influences on his life were his grandfather and tribal elders from his community who encouraged him to reach his potential and embrace the richness of his culture.

Jeremy’s artworks feature in solo exhibitions and collections across the globe and he has played alongside some of the world’s best musicians and composers in some of the most prestigious venues; including the Chicago and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras and Australia’s Parliament House.  

Jeremy is a sought-after keynote speaker for corporate groups and embassies worldwide talking alongside many influential speakers. Jeremy has a talent for speaking with wisdom beyond his years and building a powerful connection with his audiences.

One of Jeremy’s greatest passions is sharing his wisdom and experiences with Indigenous youth to encourage and empower them to embrace their culture and to find and bring out their skills and talents.  Jeremy is a firm believer that we control our destiny, and the only limitations in life are the ones we place on ourselves. He is committed to educating people from all corners of the world and sharing the beauty that exists within his sacred and traditional culture

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