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Sarrita King

Non-Executive Director - Artist

Sarrita King is a Gurindji, Waanyi woman living on Larrakia Country in Darwin, N.T where she spent most of her youth. The Northern Territory continues to be the source of much of her creative inspiration along with the stories her father, the late, William King Jungala, shared with her. Her career in the Aboriginal Art Industry spans over 15 years. Elevated at a young age into the gallery scene exhibitions off the back of her father’s following, she has become one of the most searched and coveted artists.

With a staple of premium galleries in Australia and Overseas she continues to grow and contribute back to the Aboriginal Art Landscape. She lives with her partner, Chad and her sons Steele and Grange and splits her time between family and working in the studio. Sarrita’s new family has only strengthened her desire to share her culture and stories through her art.

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