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Venita Poblocki

Non-Executive Director

Venita Poblocki is the owner and Director of the gallery, This is Aboriginal Art in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Drawing from a base of 16 years in the Australian art industry, Venita has a breadth of industry knowledge.

After completing a Master Degree in Arts Administration (Curatorship) at UNSW’s College of Fine Arts, she commenced her career working as a Junior Aboriginal Art Specialist at Lawson Menzies Auctioneers. Venita then moved on to manage Kate Owen Gallery and later, Aboriginal Art Galleries in Sydney. Following this, Venita was the Curator at Willoughby Council and initiated and implemented the Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial which continues to this day. Venita was also appointed Curator for the highly regarded John Fries Art Award in 2011 & 2012. In 2017, Venita moved to Alice Springs to start her own art gallery and studio specialising in her passion, Aboriginal art.

Having spent formative years growing up in the South Australia outback, Venita’s interest in Aboriginal culture started from a young age. Early engagement with Aboriginal people was a privilege from which many Australians do not benefit, and it bolstered an utmost respect for the world’s oldest living culture. It was through her developing interest in artistic modes to articulate culture, that she came to Aboriginal art.

Founding long-term working relationships with Aboriginal artists from the Central and Western Deserts, This is Aboriginal Art aims to champion Aboriginal art to a national and international audience. This is Aboriginal Art assists artists build their careers, recognising the importance of artistic cultural expression and the many benefits a long-term artistic career has for an artist. This is Aboriginal Art places ethics at the forefront and works respectfully and fairly with both independent artists and art centres.

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