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Trade & Associate Membership Form

Simply complete the online form or alternatively download the full application form for email and postal applications

Are you currently, or have you ever been, the subject of any external evaluation, scrutiny or investigation of any business that you have operated or currently operate? Yes or No
Have you ever been declared bankrupt or any business in which you have held a management position or been a Director of become insolvent or entered into a scheme of arrangement? Yes or No
Are you a member of the Indigenous Art Code?
Have you read and do you agree to abide by the AAAA Constitution and Code of Ethics, including the Association's Aboriginal Art Code? Yes or No.
Do you understand copyright law and are you applying it in your business or capable of applying it where it is applicable? Yes or No
Are you currenty registered for and remitting resale royalty? Yes or No

Please download the declaration form, fill in details for 2 references and sign the declaration before uploading as part of your application.

All applications are subject to a 30-day peer review period prior to Board approval.

Upload Declaration Form

Thank You. Your Application has been submitted and we will be in touch.

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