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An Insight Into Desert Mob 2018

Once again, art enthusiasts and arts workers from across the industry converged into Alice Springs to immerse themselves in the hub of indigenous arts and attend the Desert Mob cultural events. Hosted by Araluen Arts Centre in collaboration with Desart, the Desert Mob offerings present a diverse mix of arts, culture, exhibitions and current market trends.

Kicking off the opening ceremony with a captivating performance by the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir, it was followed by the highly anticipated opening of the exhibition which showcases the range of works created by artists from Central Australian Art Centres.

The Symposium on Day 2 is an insightful session showcasing the latest art centre projects. This year’s highlights included: watching the enchanting animation projects produced in collaboration with artist Cynthia Burke, Field Officer Annieka Skinner and talented animator Jonathan Daw in the Tjanpi Desert Weavers – Papa Tales; listening to artists from the Hermannsburg Potters, Ernabella Arts and the Community Ceramics Network share their tips on how to create beautiful pottery; appreciating the extraordinary time and dedication taken by an emotional Alec O’Halloran to develop and launch his new book The Master from Mampi, the life and art of Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri; and lastly, being able to listen to the experiences of the Yarrenty Arltere artists as they travelled to the prestigious TARNANTHI exhibition and their heartfelt motivations for creating the soft sculptures reflecting ‘every face has a story, every story has a face – Kulila!’.

Day 3 is always a favourite ‘The marketplace’. A bustling artists market attracting buyers and art enthusiasts from across the globe to explore and interact with the vast offering of reasonably priced Indigenous arts and crafts produced across the Art Centre communities.

The excitement of Desert Mob events is an inspiring precursor to the AAAA AGM followed by the social evening which was an enjoyable occasion for all attendees, and we are thankful to everyone that attended or telephoned to join in the proceedings. Overall, the weekend was an excellent opportunity for catching up with friends, connecting with members, business networking and meeting new people from across the industry.

Desert Mob is also a great opportunity to reconnect with country and immerse yourself in the heartland of Aboriginal Art. An uplifting and inspiring time that reignites your passion for Indigenous Arts and culture.

We look forward to seeing more members attending next year to share this amazing experience with us.

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